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Rental package
  • Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Application area: 100㎡—200㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (variable varieties): 2 pots of single-stroke fortune tree, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of big green dill, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree.

  • Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Application area 200㎡—300㎡

    Package list Big plants (changeable variety): 2 pots of rich bamboo cage, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of green treasure, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree, 2 pots of single fortune tree

  • Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Application area: 300㎡—500㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (changeable varieties): 1 pot of rich bamboo cage, 2 pots of green scented lavender, 2 pots of green sapphire, 2 pots of safflower, 2 pots of single rich tree, bird of paradise

  • Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Application area: 500㎡—700㎡

    Package contents: large plants (changeable varieties); 2 large green pansies, 2 green treasures, 1 happy tree, 2 Brazilian woods, 5 pots of fortune tree 2 pots, single pole fortune tree 2 pots, 2 birds of paradise.

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Company plant lease

1. Manager office lease plan
The manager's office is usually more generous than the finance. Administrative office. And as the middle level of the enterprise, the requirements of the placed plants are comparative. You can choose to place a straight fortune tree in the corner of the manager's office (usually at the back of the office desk), which will look more atmospheric. Then place a money tree in the corner between the sofas of the visitors, or a seasonal flowering plant of anthurium or clivia on the coffee table in the sofa. Can be placed properly. Plants are: green dill, rich tree, Brazilian wood, dripping foliage, rich tree ... can be freely matched with some small and medium plants: rich tower, money tree, anthurium or orchid, pink palm Seasonal flowering plants.

2.Employee office area lease plan
The employee office area is a dense area of the company. The air will be more polluted, and there will be more computers, and the radiation will be larger. You can consider placing large potted plants such as green sage, emeralds, and wild sunflowers in the front and rear positions of the office area and the position of the corridor and aisle. In addition, small pots of plants are placed on the desks and screens of employees. Let employees feel a kind of green comfort in the gap between work. Can be placed properly. Plants include Brazilian wood, dragon blood tree, quinquefascia tree, green dill, safflower, etc., and can also be freely matched with some small and medium plants such as spider plant, green dill, jasper, combination golden heart Brazilian iron, Dark beauty ...

3.Lobby rental plan
The company lobby is a window that reflects a company's spiritual style and corporate culture. It is also very impressive. w88l.jpg See if your company has vigor and vitality, and how to decorate it in the lobby. Of course, the combination of green plants is indispensable. In general, the lobby must have some evergreen plants, such as green loquats and loose tails. Sunflower, brown bamboo, rich tree, lucky tree, rich bamboo ... etc. In addition, you can freely match some small and medium plants according to the environment, such as variable leaf wood, evergreen, combination golden heart Yemen iron, red heart combination, smooth combination ... .

4.Conference room rental plan

4_n6mq.jpg Meeting room. The greening design of the training room can choose to place several large plants such as chrysanthemum or Brazilian wood, fortune tree, wild sunflower, etc. in the four corners of the meeting room. Then on the conference table, if the conference table is designed with a flower trough, you can choose plants with different plant heights according to the depth of the flower trough. The principle of selection is that the plants are placed 10-20 cm higher than the conference table. It's better. For example, plants such as chrysanthemum, spider plant, marian are all available.

If the conference table does not have a flower trough design, you only need to place 2 to 3 pots of small pot plants such as green dill and jasper on the conference table according to the size of the conference table.

5. Negotiating room rental plan
等;在洽谈桌面可以摆放一盆小盆植物,如君子兰、兰草等。 The negotiation room is a quiet place to relax your body and mind and relieve stress. Negotiating customers can relax here, make their body and mind happy, and bring a good mood. The place where the plants are placed can choose to place a plant in one corner of the room. Plants, Such as Dripping Avalokitesvara, Chlorophytum, Sansevieria, Brazilian Wood, Rich Bamboo Cage, etc .; a small pot of plants can be placed on the tabletop, such as clivia, bluegrass, etc. 2_pn96.jpg

等。 If there is a filing cabinet in the room, you can also choose to place a small and medium-sized plant on the filing cabinet, such as red star, pink palm, white palm, marylamine, green dill, spider plant and so on. In this way, there will be greening arrangements in different locations of the entire room, including high, middle and low. And it does n’t take up much space. Customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. Work is done with less effort.

6. Toilet rental plan

Toilets are usually wet and there is not much room for plants. It can be considered that a pot of black beauty, green dill, spider plant and other plants are placed on the countertop of the toilet.

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