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Rental package
  • Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Application area: 100㎡—200㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (variable varieties): 2 pots of single-stroke fortune tree, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of big green dill, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree

  • Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Application area 200㎡—300㎡

    Package list Big plants (changeable variety): 2 pots of rich bamboo cage, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of green treasure, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree, 2 pots of single fortune tree.

  • Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Application area: 300㎡—500㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (changeable varieties): 1 pot of rich bamboo cage, 2 pots of green scented lavender, 2 pots of green sapphire, 2 pots of safflower, 2 pots of single rich tree, bird of paradise

  • Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Application area: 500㎡—700㎡

    Package contents: large plants (changeable varieties); 2 large green pansies, 2 green treasures, 1 happy tree, 2 Brazilian woods, 5 pots of fortune tree 2 pots, single pole fortune tree 2 pots, 2 birds of paradise.

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What factors should be considered by plant rental companies before the arrangement of garden flowers and plants and plant cultivation

What factors should Shanghai Plant Leasing Company consider before the arrangement of garden flowers and plants and plant cultivation? Today, we at Maochang Plant Leasing Company will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help everyone.

First of all, let's talk about the courtyard. The courtyard is an ideal place for planting flowers and trees. Many flowers and trees can be planted and the management is very convenient.

The selection of plants and flowers for the Shanghai office should be determined according to the size, orientation and purpose of the site. For example, facing north and tall buildings, shade plants should be selected. The place is large, and can be planted as green hedges around with Jiulixiang, Fujian tea, Forsythia, and Holly. If the space is not large, you can plant grass flowers and repair a grass flower bed.

The arrangement of garden flowers and trees should take into account the different requirements of different flowers and trees for sunlight. For example, the cuckoo is more shade-tolerant and can be planted under large trees. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the level of flowers and trees, such as tall trees and shrubs, and then grass flowers.

The ground can be laid by plants such as lawn grass or step grass. It is also necessary to consider the flowering season of different flowers and trees. It is reasonable to choose flowers and trees that bloom in different seasons.

Matching to achieve the purpose of continuous bloom and fragrance in the courtyard all year round

Secondly, let's look at the factors of garden planting technology.

Preparations for Plant Rental in Shanghai

The unit undertaking the greening construction must accept all construction preparations for the greening construction after accepting the construction task and before the project starts, so as to ensure that the construction is completed on time and with high quality.

1) Understand design intent and engineering profile

① The construction unit and personnel should understand the design intent, the recent greening effects, and the goals to be achieved after the construction is completed.

② Understand the scope and full range of planting and other related projects, including planting trees, paving lawns, roads, water supply and drainage, mountains and stones, building flower beds, earthworks, garden sketches, garden facilities, etc.

③ Understand the construction period, including the overall progress of the project, the start and completion dates.

④ Understand the number of project investment, design budget and design budget basis

⑤ Above-ground and underground conditions at the construction site. Learn from the relevant departments about the ground objects and processing requirements, and the distribution status of the underground pipeline network.

⑥ The basis for the fixed-line release. Based on the measurement of the water level base point of the elevation and the wire point or the design unit of the flat and lateral position, the ground fixation is determined as the basis.

来源 Source of engineering materials. Understand the sources of various engineering materials, especially the location, time and quality of seedlings.

⑧Understand mechanical and vehicle conditions, etc.

2) Site survey and investigation

① How to go through the relevant procedures and disposal methods for various ground objects (such as houses, existing trees, municipal or farmland facilities, etc.) and ground objects (such as ancient trees and famous trees) that must be retained.

②Intra- and external traffic, water sources, and power sources at the site, such as whether vehicles can be used and how to open new lines.

③ Soil condition, determine whether to change soil, estimate the amount of guest soil and its source

The above is a brief introduction of some plant cultivation aspects brought to you today by Shanghai Maochang Plant Leasing Company . If you have any requirements in this regard, please contact our company's official website for consultation.

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