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Rental package
  • Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Application area: 100㎡—200㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (variable varieties): 2 pots of single-stroke fortune tree, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of big green dill, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree.

  • Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Application area 200㎡—300㎡

    Package list Big plants (changeable variety): 2 pots of rich bamboo cage, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of green treasure, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree, 2 pots of single fortune tree

  • Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Application area: 300㎡—500㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (changeable varieties): 1 pot of rich bamboo cage, 2 pots of green scented lavender, 2 pots of green sapphire, 2 pots of safflower, 2 pots of single rich tree, bird of paradise

  • Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Application area: 500㎡—700㎡

    Package contents: large plants (changeable varieties); 2 large green pansies, 2 green treasures, 1 happy tree, 2 Brazilian woods, 5 pots of fortune tree 2 pots, single pole fortune tree 2 pots, 2 birds of paradise.

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10 plants that are suitable for growing in the office during the rental process

Today our plant leasing company Maochang Horticulture brings to you-detailed explanation of the effects of 10 kinds of plants suitable for growing in the office during the Shanghai plant leasing process

1. Dripping Guanyin: It has the effect of removing air dust. (Cannot be placed in the bedroom)

2. African Jasmine: The volatile oils produced have a significant bactericidal effect. It can relax people, facilitate sleep, and improve work efficiency.

3. White palm: Inhibit the body's exhaled exhaust gas, such as ammonia and acetone. It can also filter benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. Its high evaporation rate can prevent the nasal mucosa from drying out, which greatly reduces the possibility of disease.

4. Silver Queen: Known for its unique air purification capabilities. The higher the concentration of pollutants in the air, the more it can exert its purification ability! It is therefore very suitable for dark rooms with poor ventilation.

5. Adiantum: It absorbs about 20 micrograms of formaldehyde per hour, so it is considered to be an effective biological "purifier". People who deal with paints and coatings all day, or people who like to smoke around, should put at least one pot of ferns in the workplace. In addition, it can suppress xylene and toluene released from computer monitors and printers.

6. Duckfoot: Bringing fresh air to smoking families. The leaves can absorb nicotine and other harmful substances from the smoky air and convert them into harmless plant-owned substances through photosynthesis. In addition, it can reduce formaldehyde concentration by about 9 mg per hour.

7. Spider plant: Can absorb 95% carbon monoxide and 85% formaldehyde in the air. Spider plants can perform photosynthesis in weak light. Spider plants can absorb toxic and harmful gases in the air. A pot of spider plants is equivalent to an air purifier in a room of 8-10 square meters. Generally, 1 or 2 pots of spider plants are kept in the room, which can release oxygen in 24 hours and absorb formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens in the air. Spider plants have a strong ability to absorb certain harmful substances. For example, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde in the air can reach 95% and 85%, respectively. Spider plant can also decompose benzene and absorb relatively stable harmful substances such as nicotine in cigarette smoke. So Chlorophytum is also known as the green purifier of indoor air.

8. Aloe: A pot of aloe is equivalent to nine biological air cleaners. Potted aloe has the reputation of an air purification expert and can absorb formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. Especially for formaldehyde absorption. Strong. Under 4 hours of light, a pot of aloe vera can eliminate 90% of formaldehyde in one square meter of air, but also kill harmful microorganisms in the air. When the harmful air in the room is too high, the aloe leaves will appear spots. This is the signal for help. As long as a few pots of aloe are added indoors, the indoor air quality will become normal again.

9. Monstera: Absorbs carbon dioxide at night and improves air quality. Monstera's ability to purify the air is slightly weaker, unlike spider plants and aloes, which are all-rounders purifying the air. However, Monstera's effect on removing formaldehyde from the air is obvious. In addition, monstera has the effect of absorbing carbon dioxide at night. It is of great help to improve indoor air quality and oxygen content. In addition, monstera plants are generally large, elegant in shape, and the leaves are relatively sparse and beautiful, so it is an ideal indoor plant. Monstera fruits can be cooked after they mature, with a fragrance like pineapple or banana.

10. Ivy: Absorbs formaldehyde .. Ivy is currently absorbing formaldehyde. An effective indoor plant, ivy leaves per square meter can absorb 1.48 mg of formaldehyde. The total leaf area of two pots of adult ivy is about 0.78 square meters.

The above is the introduction of 10 plants that are more common in the plant rental process of our plant leasing company. I hope it can be helpful to the home.

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