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Rental package
  • Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—380 yuan / month

    Application area: 100㎡—200㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (variable varieties): 2 pots of single-stroke fortune tree, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of big green dill, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree

  • Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Affordable Package for 2019—580 yuan / month

    Application area 200㎡—300㎡

    Package list Big plants (changeable variety): 2 pots of rich bamboo cage, 1 pot of bird of paradise, 2 pots of green treasure, 1 pot of backgammon fortune tree, 2 pots of single fortune tree.

  • Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—780 yuan / month

    Application area: 300㎡—500㎡

    Package contents: Large plants (changeable varieties): 1 pot of rich bamboo cage, 2 pots of green scented lavender, 2 pots of green sapphire, 2 pots of safflower, 2 pots of single rich tree, bird of paradise

  • Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Affordable Package 2019—980 yuan / month

    Application area: 500㎡—700㎡

    Package contents: large plants (changeable varieties); 2 large green pansies, 2 green treasures, 1 happy tree, 2 Brazilian woods, 5 pots of fortune tree 2 pots, single pole fortune tree 2 pots, 2 birds of paradise.

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There are many ways and methods of renting indoor plants in Shanghai Plant Rental Company

Shanghai Plant Leasing Company 内绿化装饰方式除要根据植物材料的形态、大小、色彩及生态习性进行选择外,还要依据室内空间的大小、光线的强弱、季节变化,以及气氛而定。 There are many ways to rent indoor plants. In addition to the choice of indoor green decoration methods based on the shape, size, color, and ecological habits of plant materials, it also depends on the size of the indoor space, the intensity of light, and seasonal changes. As well as the atmosphere. Its decoration methods and forms are diverse, mainly including display (furnishing), climbing attachment, hanging type, wall hanging, hanging and other plant green decoration.
The green living room that is widely promoted by Shanghai plant rental now refers to the environmentally friendly room, which mainly refers to an indoor environment that is pollution-free, pollution-free, sustainable and good for health. Among them, indoor green plants (including indoor flower viewing and fruit viewing) And shade plants such as foliage and indoor bonsai) are its inevitable components. Now there are many regulations. Hotels, public buildings, houses, etc. must provide indoor plants for a long time, and the quality requirements must not be lower than the requirements of the buildings themselves. The plant furnishings must be suitable for the size of the interior space and the color of the furniture. According to its size, it is matched with an ideal pot, several racks or other crafts.
The furnishing type is also called display type. It is an indoor green decoration. Common and ordinary decoration methods include point type, line type, and surface type. Among them, point type is the most common type. Potted plants are placed on the table, coffee table, and cabinet corner. , Window sills, wall corners, or hanging in the interior at high altitudes, forming the green viewpoint line type and surface type is to arrange a group of pots and plants into a line or organize into a free-form, regular surface shape, to organize the indoor space, The function of differentiating different indoor places or combining with furniture plays the role of dividing the scope. A few pots or a few! กค The pots are arranged in a surface shape, which can form a flower bed, produce a group effect, and at the same time can highlight the central plant theme.
When adopting furnishing-type green decoration, we should mainly consider the furnishing methods, methods, and equipment used to meet the decoration requirements. Traditional plain burning pots and ceramic sleeves are still the main planting appliances. As for the appearance of metal containers plated with imitation gold and imitation copper in recent years, and glass cylinder basins of various colors, they can be coordinated with luxurious western-style decoration. In short, the surface decoration of the appliance depends on the color and texture of the indoor environment and the decorative mood. Here are three brief introductions:
(1) Dot-like plant decoration refers to pots, trees and shrubs that are set independently. They are often indoor landscape points with ornamental value and strong decorative effects. Arranging the greening of dot-shaped plants requires emphasis. Careful selection should be made. Do not stack items around it with similar height, shape, and color in order to make the greening of dots more eye-catching. The dotted green pot can be placed on the ground, or on a coffee table stand, cabinet, or table.
(2) There are two ways to decorate linear plants. One is flowers and plants such as spider plants, which are suspended in the air or placed at the top corners of the combination cabinet to create a relationship with the ground plants. This kind of plant has drooping leaves or leaves, which are long or short, or curved or straight, forming a rhythmic rhythm of the line. Compared with the straight lines of the shelf cabinet and combination cabinet, it produces a natural beauty and dynamic. Sequentially arranged in one place, forming a straight line or oblique line, giving a spectacular, rhythmic visual effect. Generally, this is done in a large space. Such as hotel front desks, conference rooms, etc.

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